8 Starter Steps for Buying an Annunciator

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Jan 15, 2015 5:55:00 PM

manatcomputerhsBuying an alarm annunciator can be a daunting task without a roadmap. This 8-step list should give you a simple start to get your research going in the right direction. 

    1. Figure out if your alarm system is required to have its own logic or will act as a mimic display (no logic) that is driven from an external source. If you're looking for the latter, then direct your search to a "lamp box" or "LED cabinet."  If logic is required (meaning your operators response is dictated by a programmed logic sequence), read on - you're in the right place. 
    2. Select Chassis type based on install environment. Panel-mount, surface-mount or rack-mount are the top three standard types.
    3. Write down number of alarm points you need to monitor which will also help assess the annunciator's size. 
    4. Determine if pushbuttons are needed. 
    5. Measure the current control panel, cabinet or field space you have available so you can communicate to the manufacturer your dimensions.
    6. Decide if you will need the following key features:  
      • Ethernet capability for communication to your process controller such as a DCS
      • Software configurability for ability to set or re-configure annunciator features in the field 
      • Event Recording for analysis of alarm history such as time of alarm, order of alarms, etc. 
    7. Know the following specs: outputs needed (i.e. audible horn, group CTA), required field contact voltage and source voltage.
    8. Have a general idea of what you'd like your display to look like (white windows? red alarms?) and whether any alarm grouping will be needed. 

Looking for more details?  Check out the 10-page Annunciator Systems Buyer's Guide for more information. 

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