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Mahendra is a Sales Application Engineer for Ronan Engineering Company. Mahendra’s past experience as an I&C Engineer in a Power Plant provided him with valuable field expertise on Power generation and distribution, Electro mechanical field instruments, and PLC/DCS, SCADA distributed control systems. Further experience includes system improvements, alarm management, safety and critical infrastructure and high voltage applications. In addition to I & C experience he followed TPM, OSHA and SOP to improve system performance and MTBF.

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Secure with Scada? Part 2 - Operator Effectiveness

Posted by Mahendra Dissasekera

Feb 28, 2014 6:44:00 PM

An effective control room should empower the operator to make smart and effective decisions based on information that is provided to them.

The plant operator should be the focal point of any control room design. They are called to make hundreds of decisions every day as problems with supply materials, equipment failures, maintenance programs and production demand high attention - they are the real experts on the daily operation of your plant. In the traditional control room, the control panel was the operator’s window to the process, through which he/she judged how the process was doing and how he/she would respond.  

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Secure with Scada? - Annunciators as a Reliable Solution

Posted by Mahendra Dissasekera

Feb 28, 2014 1:46:00 PM

A bold statement recently made by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta garnered some media attention following a cyber attack on Aramco, the world’s largest oil producer.

If you have yet to see the news, click on the CBS video below:

Whether you buy in to the extremity of Panetta’s statement or not, the reality is that even the world’s largest oil producer isn’t immune to the crippling impact of a cyber attack. It reminds us that even the most advanced computer-based SCADA system, PLC or DCS in your plant today isn’t perfect.

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Annunciator Backup for Your Emergency Generator

Posted by Mahendra Dissasekera

Dec 4, 2013 7:00:00 AM

annunciator-with-animation4It’s the type of news that makes us cringe: 

Possible tampering discovered in backup generator at nuclear power plant in California (NBC News)

It was a relief to read that “there was no danger” because the reactors were in shut down mode, however, this event begs us to ask: Why take any risks?

Every step of your critical process presents its own risk for failure - even the emergency generator. An annunciator can account for abnormal conditions even within your emergency generator. A fault alarm in an emergency generator can go unnoticed if there is no proper annunciator system.

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