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Jul 6, 2015 11:25:00 AM

The need to measure densities, slurries, and mass flow is extremely important to a dredge owner.  Ronan's non-contact density sensor, in conjunction with a non-contact flow meter, will provide measurements of continuous and totalized mass of solids suspended in liquids.  It can provide the density range for density-compensated mass flow measurements.


Ronan uses gamma radiation to determine the density of a liquid flowing within a pipe.  A low-level gamma source provides a beam of energy which will easily penetrate metal or plastic piping.  The overall level of gamma radiation detected is a function of the density (mass absorption) of the slurry contained with the pipe.

In many applications, Ronan's unique revolutionary RLL (radiation low-level) technology is used.  The RLL uses up to 100 times less gamma energy than a comperable gauge, and is the only source holder recognized by the NRC to be so safe it does not require the stringent documentation, training, or handling procedures of other systems.  The gauge can be relocated by dredge personnel, without a licensed person present.  The mass flow system using the RLL Source can accurately measure density on pipe sizes up to 16" diameter.  No contact is made to the material, allowing the density metering system to be installed, maintained, or removed without distrubing the existing piping or process.  No downtime, material diversion, or special construction materials are required.

Ronan's density system is not affected by materials that are extremely caustic, abrasive, highly viscous, under high pressure, or high temperature.  Even a process flow that is violent or constantly changing does not affect the measurement.

Various non-intrusive flow measurement techniques are available, including magnetic flow meters and doppler meters.  A magnetic flow meter uses the induced current from a flowing conductive liquid to determine the flow rate, providing a non-intrusive method of measurement.  Coupling the non-contact density measurement with a non-contact magnetic flow meter provides a unique, robust solution for the measurment of any slurry. 

In conclusion, Ronan offers a proven solution for measuring density in dredging.Download Application Note


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